5 of the Best School Playground Equipment Sellers around the World

    Modern urban living spaces in our developing world lack recreational or play areas like they used to and children are the most affected age-group because of this problem. Since land is a constraint no city can overcome, playgrounds and parks in schools have attained an increased prominence all over the world.

    When planning to setup a school playground, there are guidelines that you have to keep in mind, most importantly the safety and reliability of the playground equipment you intend to use. Here are 5 sellersleading the way worldwide.

    1. GameTime:GameTime has been a forerunner in the industry for almost a century now. Their school playground equipment features innovative designs which are very child-friendly with attractive colours and substantial work going into planning every small detail. They also manufacture contemporary products which are sure to attract a lot of curiosity from the young tots who’ll frequent them. They also have unique award-winning designs which are developed by their in-house researchers, employed by parent company Playcore. They offer great consultancy for new buyers.

    2. Landscape Structures:A premier and industry leading company, Landscape structures invests a lot on acquiring great talent and getting them into their workforce. They have some of best designers and creative developers out there. Landscape structures also have their own design philosophies based on years of experience and research.

    Especially their Nature-inspired school playground equipment product line, which feature school playground equipment designs inspired from nature, forests, lakes etc. These designs have gone on to win awards and certifications for their safety and efficacy. Another noteworthy point is that most of their in-house designers are also Certified Playground Safety-Inspector (CPSI), which mean theirs are some of the safest certified equipment out there.

    3. AAA State of Play:Another company based out of USA is AAA State of Play, they’re relatively young on this list, but have made a name for themselves owing to their affordable nature. They also offer a themed playground option where in you can suggest a theme and their team would design and construct the school playground equipment for you.They also offer free consultancy and quotes on enquiry. The company however has other product lines also, offering products for adult recreation and health and fitness equipment and so on.

    4. Miracle Recreation-Equipment Company:Miracle, like the first name on this list is also among the oldest of such companies still in operation, boasting of 90+ years of experience in the same. The Miracle Recreation Equipment Company offers custom designed equipment for its customers and a representative is assigned to each customer for the whole duration of the project, hence making a name for itself in the field of customer satisfaction.

    Their patented structure designs such as Kids’ Choice®, Center Stage®, Nexus® etc., are bestsellers and are flexible enough for you to recommend slight variations and changes. All their designs are CPSC compatible hence you can be rest assured of safety. A full list of their partnerships and certifications may be obtained from their website.

    5. Alibaba.com:This might seem to be the odd one in this specific group, as Alibaba is not a manufacturer of school playground equipment, but is an e-commerce site based out of China. There are countless equipment manufacturers in China who offer competitive rates, innovative range-topping designs and highly tech savvy toys.

    The only downside to getting your products from Alibaba, would be the limited service availability in the rest of the world and lack of certifications from government agencies which would be offered by reputed sellers. The products on offer however are very affordable and very well designed. A little research on the background of sellers on Alibaba and proper discussions before the deals are finalised are hence suggested.



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