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Frugal Shopping Tips for College Students

Doing the grocery by yourself? Worried about going beyond your budget?

Here are few tips to shop without burning a hole in your pocket.

Create a to-buy list. Do an inventory of your supplies. Check which items you need to purchase, and those that you can postpone buying until your next allowance comes. If you are certain you would not be needing it, then do not list it down.

Shop for essentials. Again, consider your priorities. Do you really need to store sugary drinks? Also, make use of items you have in your room. There’s no need reaching for plastic cups and utensils when you have reusable ones. Think of it as helping the environment well. You do not accumulate trash, and you do not have to pay for unnecessary purchases.

Check out discounts. Before you raid groceries, go online first to check which nearby stores are offering discounts. You are a student, and so chances are, you are eligible for a myriad of discounts. Browse through online accounts of stores so you can receive updates about deals that are up for grabs.

Compare rates. Here, you would have to consult your parents or your seniors on which grocery stores offer the lowest rates. Cheaper products might take you traveling farther so be cautious about the cost of commuting. Your goal is to save. If the amount you could save is equal to the fare price you’ll be paying, then it is best that you stick to the nearby store.

Go there full. This might sound ridiculous, but it is actually helpful. When you are hungry and when your stomach seems craving for something you cannot identify, you will likely spend more than you planned. You end up stowing in your basket junk foods and any snack that attracts your sight. But if you take a snack before you hit the grocery, you will keep your mind focused on the items that you have listed.

Use shopping bags. Stores such as Kroger, Hannaford and Target offer discounts when you use shopping bags. You are to stay in campus for four years, and within that period, you will have to work your way out of a meager allowance. Hence, saving few cents every time you shop means a lot.

Choose products that are always available. Vegetables and fruits that are available only for a particular period ten to be more costly than their counterparts that are always available, year round. If the nutritive value you can enjoy is the same, then pick the cheaper alternative. 

Buy in bulk. In need of toilet paper? It will cost you less if you will buy a dozen than getting an individual pack. Also, you need not run to convenience stores in case you need extra. So in the long run, you also save time and effort. However, use your stock wisely. You still would end up spending more if you buy in bulk, but double the consumption.

Coordinate with your roommate. For cleaning tools, talk to your roommate about sharing expenses. This will be beneficial for you both as you cut down grocery expenses. And if they will also agree, you can even divide the cost for basic grocery items like milk and cheese which you doubt you can finish before they expire. And with that,

Beware of expiry date. Do not buy goods that are expiring soon. Always go for those products which you can store for long.

Thrift shopping is also about managing finances and weighing priorities. Thus, it is a skill you would find useful even after college. So do not dread the thought of shopping in groceries thinking you are an impulse buyer. Challenge yourself to be a wise shopper instead.

Finding Small Business Ideas for College Students

College students consider working at fast food joints as the best option to earn money. However, starting a small business can also prove to be a great idea to earn extra money without spending much time. Let us have a look at the different options available for earning money while continuing the studies.

Small Business Ideas for Students

For beginners, these cool small business ideas should prove to be a good source of earning money.

Tutoring: It is a perfect business for students who want to earn only as much money as is required to cover the monthly expenses. In order to start tutoring, you should consider teaching subjects like Mathematics, Science and English. This business doesn’t require any kind of investment and it is possible to earn enough to pay for monthly expenses.

Handmade Crafts and Items: Selling handmade craft items can help you earn enough cash required for your daily expenses. The craft works, paintings, knitting, etc. could be sold at fairs, gatherings, etc. You could also think of selling art and craft items. The art and craft items one has prepared in his school days can be used for the purpose.

Yard Work: It is one of the small business ideas for college students who wish to earn money without spending anything. One can mow grass, carry out weeding, etc. and charge people for the service. If you have some know-how of gardening, you can help neighbors in giving their garden an artistic and beautiful appearance. Tending vegetable patches of your neighbors can also help you earn a decent amount of cash.

Freelancing: The activity of freelancing includes writing for newspapers, doing photography, etc. It is a creative job and helps in bringing out the best in your work. However, there are a lot of uncertainties involved in this activity. For example, the news need to be appealing and one may not get paid if the employer doesn’t find it interesting. However, one of the advantages of freelancing is that one doesn’t have to invest anything beforehand.

Laundry Service: Starting a laundry service is one of the good business ideas for students to earn money. One can advertise this small business through mouth publicity. Since washing clothes is quite a boring job and not many people are ready to do it, one could find a better business opportunity in this work. A good washing machine, capable of washing multiple clothes would prove to be helpful in easing out your work. Moreover, you could also save time for studies and other extracurricular activities.

Cleaning: Just like laundry, you could think of starting a cleaning business. College students always need an affordable cleaning service. Being a college student yourself, you would find it easy to market your service and thereby, prosper in this business. You can add food-delivery to this service of cleaning. It won’t require you to search for a market separately. This way, you get to learn new tricks of the business.

Data Entry Jobs: It is a kind of job that can be done even by a layman since it doesn’t require much skills except for speedy typing. It is a good source of earning money for students in their free time. Basic knowledge of handling computers is enough to do the data entry job. A data entry job is considered amongst the popular online businesses for college students.

Setting up a Website: A person who is good at working with websites and computers as a whole can try out this activity. You could earn more than enough for a month’s expenses through this endeavor. However, setting up a website requires in-depth knowledge of programming languages and functioning of computers. In short, it is a geek’s job to set up a fully functional website.

Entertainment: If a person is fond of playing a musical instrument like piano, guitar, etc. he/she should try to earn money by performing at wedding receptions, parties or other such occasions.

College students have access to hundreds of people who make their marketing job much easier. In fact, the whole college can be viewed as a potential market, provided a person is ready to work hard in reaching out to as many people as possible. There are however, a few things you need to take into consideration before starting any business on campus. First of all, you should check whether the university policies allow for any business activity. Also, you shouldn’t make your roommate’s life hell just because you are churning out profits from your business. Finally, the most important thing – studies should not be ignored. Because you are a college student, your first priority should be studying sincerely. The business should not affect your academic performance.

There are many other small business ideas apart from the above mentioned ones like snack delivery business, bakery service, writing service, etc. Thus, you should find an appropriate business that helps earn money to fulfill your monetary needs.

Education marketing tips for universities

In times of falling university applications and race for top ranked institutes- Marketing has a vital role to play. Likewise, students are unaware of better alternatives that can help them achieve their career goals in much better way. Hence, Universities should concentrate more on building a Brand Identity.

5 simple tips for institutes to differentiate themselves from their competitors:

Multiple Channel Marketing:

Interact with students on multiple channels like websites, blogs, emails, mobiles etc. University Ratings, Program Quality and Corporate Placements being top priority must be spoken through proper channels to build a reputation.

Statistics for Multiple Channel Marketing:

  • India is 2nd largest in terms of mobile internet users. Out of which nearly 60% are in the age group of 18-24 years. (Source: We are social)
  • 118 Million active social media accounts in India. (Source: We are social)

Identify the right channels for student acquisition along with engagement plan to clear the doubts and enrol the student.

Be Clear about Yourself:

Highlighting college without seeming like an advertising manual is the key. Present realities instead of false image creation that can hurt in the long run. In simple and clear words explain institutes unique and strong points that can contribute to the brand building process.

Social Connect:

Discover platforms where students hang out most. Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are amongst the popular ones.

University’s success on social media depends on sharing, learning and listening. Actively engage with social media users- Whether that’s tweeting to a student who’s excited about her acceptance or responding to queries posted on Facebook.

Creative Visual Storytelling:

Visual Storytelling is the essence of the best ways of communications on the web. Narrative videos, graphics builds trust, credibility and educates viewers. Hence, with visuals universities can grab the attention of students.

Study also reveals-

  • India is the 5th largest country in terms of video users.
  • 65% of the target audience are visual learners.
  • Visuals have 60,000 times faster processing time than text.
  • Visuals in the form of videos increase the website conversion rate by 86% .

Focus on Screens:

Universities are still failing to design digital communication across an array of screens (like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.) used by a target audience.

Not only aspiring students’, and their parents but we all keep on screen-hopping. Thus, focus more on responsive websites, email communications, more big images & full-screen videos. Universities can also create campus tour mobile app to lure more students.

Market trends show that lots of educational institutes are hiring specialised educational marketing companies (like Infinite1 – India’s first student acquisition company). This gives educational relief from marketing headaches and concentrates on academics.

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Tips on Choosing a Good Engineering College

Chennai city is a major hub for well-established educational centers that aid students to grow in their respective field of engineering studies through super-specialized training and with guidance from educated college faculty. Many students from around the country come to this city for educational purposes. Chennai offers multiple reputed engineering colleges for young aspiring students who want to become successful professional engineers of tomorrow.

Engineering has always been a prestigious education, which requires strong knowledge of mathematics and science. Not just for a stable career but when you study engineering it feels like a pride from within as well. Every year hundreds of thousands of students sit for highly competitive engineering exams all around the country. Getting good grades in the entrance exam is indeed necessary, however the main concern starts when you have to choose that one college from various options to pursue your future education. This process can be quite confusing due to a high number of engineering colleges available in the country. Here are the 4 tips that help you make your selection in a lesser complicated way:

1. The infrastructure: Engineering is a vast field and can be divided into different types like bio-technology, computer science & engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronics, etc., all of which require practical as well as theoretical study. When you search for a college make sure you understand that different field of engineering need different types of labs to practice your skills in. Infrastructure of an engineering college matters a lot.

2. The type of faculty: Teachers and professors contribute to quality education and build a goodwill for that particular college. Without an experienced faculty students maybe only be able to get incomplete or wrong knowledge. When you search for an engineering college make sure you speak to the faculty first and prefer research-oriented faculty since they will always have a better understanding about what they are going to teach you.

3. Recognized college: Do not rush just because you have got admission in a engineering college. Take some time out and research about the college selected by you. Accreditation is a critical process but it very important, since this is going to be about your future. Check all the colleges and make sure that the college you have selected has been recognized by AICTE, NBA or NAAC. Since you are going to invest the next 4 years in college make sure that you obtain a legal worldwide recognized degree.

4. Placements: This is a factor that determines how good your college is and how high reputation it holds in the professional world. Not every engineering college provides you with definite placement assistance. Getting a placements in your preferred career path is a good way to kick start your career. A college that provides placements has better quality education system. Example – pursuing eee engineering from a good college can land you with placements opportunities not just in Chennai but anywhere around the country.